One Last Time

4:09:00 PM
Remember when i asked you,
"When is this supposed to last?"
you said, "Forever"...
I believed you then...
I still believe you now.

I have given you my heart
My scared and broken heart.
It is yours to keep.
Coz I have fallen hopelessly and undeniably inlove with you.

"I am alive, To love you!"

Thought our love is strong to stand the test of time.
But as days goes by
- together with the rainbow-colored sky -
slowly, it's now fading away...

I'm no longer welcome in your presence.
I'm afraid to stare at you now,
coz i don't want you to see me
holding back my tears...
I can't even dare to speak a word,
coz you might hear the hurt in my voice.

I cannot express how i truly feel
in fear of tears that fall so easily.
But as long as you're still here with me,
This heart of mine will never let go.

I want you to know what truly love is.
A genuine love...
Bear no pain...
Feel no hurt...
and with love,
I want you to be the best person you can be...
Even without me...

I knew i would love you
right from the very start.
But i just didn't know
I could love anybody this much.

With all my heart and soul,
I'm so willing to sacrifice myself...
- surrender my own happiness -
just to see you happy.

One Last Time...


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