My sad love story

3:48:00 PM
once in my life i found the person i considered my soulmate.
and that's you. i told myself, that i would do anything,
love you and never gonna hurt you.
you were my bestfriend, my love, my everything...
we were happy.. til one day, you came to me and said,
"im sick, im afraid i can't stay with you any longer..."

i didn't believe you at first,
but when i saw those tears fall down your cheeks,
it spells out the truth about how you really feel inside...
you were deeply hurt, yah, i know... i was hurt too...
i brought you to the hospital,
despite you telling me its useless...
I asked the doctor about your condition,
he can't barely look straight into my eyes,
and he said "it was too late..."
And my life has changed at that very moment...
All of the sudden i found myself at the chapel,
with my head down, on bended knees, yelling... asking why???
I knew it, but i just can't accept it...
I was down, completely. but i had to be strong for you...
at you worst...i was loving you...
Until the day has come for us to say goodbye...
those six long years we've shared was gone in a just a second...
if only I knew that was the last time,
I should have held you and never let go.
the kiss, whisper, and embrace... it was the last,
you never hugged me that way before...
i can feel it, your arms gently falls down from my back...
i know you're gone...
we always thought our love was enough for us to last...
and i thought my love was enough to make you happy...
but its not... it was a sad ending, it's god's will...
I know you're happy now wherever you are...
And here i am, hurting.... broken....
trying to start over once again...
i know i can't get you back..
and i won't be seeing you again...
Im sorry if you see my life falling apart
My heart is shattered down the floor
With each piece I pick up -
one by one, piece by piece,
its more than a year now
this has been the longest year of my life,
the most painful time i ever had...
i tried to live my life, without you in it...
but the sadness of the night
brings back the days we had,
the time you let go of my hand,
the moment i surrendered you...
silence reminds me of all the sorrow,
the pain, and my hopelessness...
Help me! Heal me!
let me suffer in silence 'til i get over you...
and slowly, i can let you go... and i, i will be ME again...
i can still feel you... i am still loving you silently,
But i will be keeping my promise,
i will move on... but i will never forget you...
Hear me say this, One last time...
"i have found the essence of my life,
i have discovered Myself and
a world that's beautiful,..
Because of you..."

My love, my misery,
I'll let go of you now,
its time to set myself free..
i know it'll be hard..

coz this love.....

my love.....

this is all i have...


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  1. hey wyteheart..pic mo ba yun?...wala lng just asking...
    nice story...ask lng... did your gf die? or she walked away from you..?.. nalilito na xe kmi ng friend ko sa love story mo.. fans mo na kmi now..hhehe..
    anyway.. i admire you, ksi galing mong sumulat.. puro sad..nga lng.. sana next time happy naman..

  2. Wyteheart, your sad love story, if it's true, is mine too. The day I lost my one true love is the day I thought life ends. But, reality sucks. I am still breathing and life surrounds me, staring me in the eyes and asking me to love again. Not easy, but might be worth a try. I cried until I can't anymore. I feel you so completely reading this sad love story.


  3. Wyteheart..

    i can relate to this story...
    maybe many can actually relate to it..
    i was crying the whole time while i was reading this..
    i can feel the love... as well as the pain...

    maybe we can't blame ourselves or even life for being in this kind of situation...

    we just have to take the heartache, cry... move on and go on with life...

    you will find the right one for you...

  4. >>hi cry whILE rEAding uR saD loVE sTORy..nakareLAte aKO KC mY sakiT aKO..eN im huRTing NA naki2ta kO ung bF kO na uMiiyaK whILe pRAying 4 me,,His alWAys in chURCh jaZ 4 me 2 prAy 4 me..bUT itS tOO laTE coZ iM dYing,,WLA akOng laKAs ng LOOb pARA LAbaNAn 2ng saKit kO paRA sa bF ko..aT ngaUn naTA2koT aKO na maSAktan uNg bF kO LIKE u...

    i rili admire u

  5. Oh... so sad... i'm speachless... ang swerte ko pala..... I almost cried....(:tears:) hope ur happy now, i know God has reasons for everything so just don't lose hope..

  6. Ei dude
    good job
    this one makes me cry
    I can really relate in you kasi gf ko is now in that
    situation I thought everything will be fine
    until one day we knew that she's in life and death situation
    That's why I dont stop asking for her life
    cause I know that if she's gonna leave
    me I can't ever make mylife stable
    it will really led mylife to fall apart so I wish that
    we will still be together

  7. .... maraming umiyak coz of your love story at isa na ako sa pinaiyak mo. you know what galit ako sa na minamahal mo kc di sya marunong magpahalaga sa sa isang taong katulad mo... for me kasi ang isang katulad dapat pinapahalagaan babae ako at alam kong mas masakit kong sa amin mangyari yang nangyayari sayo ngayon... lagi ko tuloy naalala ang mga pinagdaan ko masakit talaga magmahal ng isang tao na alam mong hindi magiging sayo...

  8. hi there wyteheart....
    nung una kong makita to sa youtube, hindi ko pa xa masyadong naintindihan...
    then,after ilang beses na pagbabasa, na absorb ko rin...
    so sad...
    but i know naka move on kana, pero i know u can never forget her...

    God bless you always.....

  9. helo wyteheart.,
    know wat grabe super bow ako sa mga post mo..wat can i say speechless me wen i read it ka relate kc me.. i dedicate it to my X it hurts me that much huhhuhuhuuh take care always wyteheart cont. doing it GOD BLESS

  10. this is a true love story and its is true its really tells my i lost my beloved husband 1 year ago...How i love and miss him so we marriage for 6 years and he is gone..this song makes me cry and have tears rolling down my cheek as i read it..if only i can turn back to one perfect day i would but its god will ....who ever you are please i felt the broken heart and its worse couse leaving me behind two wonderful children...
    thanks for telling my story....


  11. hi... grabe nman mga love stories mo nd mga kowts.. very touching..very din,plageng broken hearted,,.di ko na nga alam wat g2win q..hrap plage iniiwan,lalu na kpg ang babaw ng dahilan..add mko sa fs..gawan mu nman aq ng letter..he,he,he.. galing mo talaga..ayt..god bless always..

  12. ASTIG K PARE!!!! ganda sobre.. lahat ng content ng blog m.. the best!

  13. hey there the first time i heard your song and read your letter was just august of this year..and am so touch of it..i was crying during that time will yes until now while listening of the song,,it hits me so deeply..

    which is more painful loving someone who can never love you back because he is inlove with his bestfreind or loving someone who is dead knowing that he/she die loving you?

    i think the most painful is my first statement...coz right at this moment am felling it..reality hurts..lalo na pag ala kang mapagsasabihan sa sakt na nararamdaman mo kundi ang unan mo..masakit ang katotohanang ang unang lalaking minahal ko ai inlove sa bestfreind nia.. hindi man nia ito maamin pero alam ko coz i can read words between the eyes..oo xa ang lalaking unana gumising sa manhid kung puso,,i have settle wat my life would be..dati planado ang buhay ko..sabi ko i i wont suffer the pain of being heartbroken as what my friends gone thrue hnd lalaki ang magpapa iyak sa akin..sabi ko kaya kong hawakan at kontrolin ang puso ko kung para kaninu at kung kailan ito titibok..ngunit mali pala ako..biglng nagcrus ang landas nmn ng di cnasadya sa unang pagkakataon natanga ako sa harap ng isang lalaki sa unang pagkakataon biglna bumilis ang tbok ng 2log kung puso at tila bagabg tomalon ito at di na bumalik..

  14. hi mr wyteheart when i read ur poem, a sad love story it is really sad. nice poem and it really touches my heart. i can feel the pain and sadness that u have. It made me cry.

  15. hi mr wyteheart when i read ur poem, a sad love story it is really sad. nice poem and it really touches my heart. i can feel the pain and sadness that u have. It made me cry.

  16. hey..whyteheart...i cried ng nbasa ko to. though your story was so painful. take it as an experience that made u to be strong enough to face the future.. and moved on from your past as well.. i know its hard to forget someone who was once makes you laugh. smile., and inspire u more to be a good person,and a person u want to be. but that's life.. u must say its weird.. pero idol kitah eh.. you expressed your feelings.. magaling ka. at madame an humahanga sayo...and thanks for inspiring us.! hope you find the right gurl at the right time so that you may not be hurt again nd again..

  17. wyteheart...

    your story somehow touches me...

    u let my tears fell down..
    sadness hits well as the pain..
    i rili admired u...
    That gurl,..she didnt know how lucky she be loved by someone like u...
    i saw ur eyes,well.. is it yours?
    if it is... it reflects the sincerity of ur heart..

    tnx 4 inspiring me...
    may God prosper you,
    lead u to the person that would love u and never leave u agen and never never cause u so much pain...

  18. know wt?even though i dont know you,,u touch my life...inspiring ung mga banat mu...nwish q tuloy "sna kw nlng mr.ryt q"

  19. Mr.wyteheart I read the story and i know how it hurts...kasi po namatayan po ako ng bf 2yrs.ago but till now I'm still trying to move on...sobrang hirap po mawalan ng minamahal....let me share this to you during po sa lamay ng bf ko while surfing the web.reading some article para malibang ako i read this qoute "when someone you love becomes a memory and a memory becomea a treasure - unknown" I know tugma sa akin young qoute na yon...talagang mahirap po mag move on pinatay kasi yong bf ko ang pinakamasakit po sa harap ko sinaksak kitang kita ko.kaya its so hard for me to move on...sana po nakapag move on ka na....just pray for her coz she also needs your prayer din po...

  20. hey !!!!!
    mr.wyteheart !!!
    alam mo ba ng sa suffer din ang ate ko ngaun because her boyfriend died !!
    sana maka move on na kaung lahat !!

  21. Hello wyteheart...I've just finished reading all your poems and love stories. It's very touching and very inspiring!!! I've never felt that kind of love from someone...but i really felt the love you've had experienced just by reading your blog!!! I'm sure you're okay now with God's help, keep moving on. You're a great poet at heart...continue doing what makes you happy. I hope I can be like you...who knows how to express your thoughts and feelings esp in writing! Thank you for sharing it all to us!!! Cnsya na ha medyo mahaba un comment ko...hehe! God Bless! Keep on Smiling!!!

  22. hi.. mr. wyteheart...
    i felt sad... because of ur sad love story. it so hard to forget someone dat u really love.
    remember: everything happens for a reason, for a purpose. God wants you to have courage to face life. Life must go on.
    hope you'll find someone who can make your sadness fades away.. and you'll be happy wid her... goodluck.. wish you a happy life.. don't lose hope. it is just part of challenges in our life. Goodluck^_^ smile :]

  23. hi!!!i was touch by your story,,one of your fans was asking if nangyari ba sayo yun?pero para sa kin parang nangyari nayon sayo,,cguro nga?you knw wat i like your english nuh,.,.im not good in english,,jejejeje.i accidentally click the sad love letter,,,and so ever and and w/my curiousity i read it!!!jejejeje,,cnxa ka nah sa english ko huh?

  24. mr.wyteheart.....i know its hard to move on...the memories u had wth her 4 the past long years can nver be 4goten even f ul find be fair with yourself...ur loving her more than urself...and thats so much of grieving already...time 4 acceptance and live again 4 urself, ur family and 4 the ppol around u who missed the old wyteheart they once knew b4...pray...and move on...surrender ur pain to God....God's love is Healing...listen to the song HEALING by dennese williams...Godbless....

  25. Hi Wyteheart..
    When I played ur song (How do you heal a broken heart) i cried & cried & cried..& still crying while composing this message. My boyfriend just left me (8 June 2010). Everything you wrote, I so much feel. I am broken.. I will never trust my heart to anyone ever again.

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  27. Hello, wyteheart, I am crying while i read all your posted. Dont lose hope...!! life's goes on..
    I like to be your friend... :)

    from: hiddenheart

  28. hello wyteheart..i feel very sad when i read your story i do remember my past suddenly and cried again i thought it's over but it's not until i realize i miss him!he was die because of his sick he had a cancer it was too late before i knew about it..but i have to be strong face the truth i know god had a reason for everything..

  29. never never never akong nagsawa kakabasa sa lahat ng messages mo. and everytime i read all your messages, watch all your videos, and listen your songs, i can't stop my tears falling down. (especially the sad love letter). and when i started to cry, it's really hard for me to stop. don't stop making inspired messages. be yourself always! i love you so much.

  30. oh dats sad wyteheart so touching it made me cry.. lyf has to go on be strong.. love your blog!

  31. ..hi mr.wyteheart! cnxia nah puh d aq nkagpaalam sau ah? kinopy q pu ung ibang mga quotes mu at lines ng poems mu..o ganda xe eii.. sooorrryyy!!! and galing2 muh tlaga..

  32. you have a nice way of releasing your thoughts of burden..
    i admire you.. i cant say "i know how you feel"..but in some point of me, my pain finds company with your words.thank you anyway..

  33. i realized many things after i read your love story....god...its so nice...yet,so i wish,it was a happy ending...
    you inspired a lot of people...and im one of them..thank you...

  34. I dont know why i was even sharing this to you now.. maybe its as simple as i was moved by your story... maybe somehow we have something in common, we are under the same boat..
    I never was interested in reading profiles of the creator of the music videos im watching in youtube but then after seeing your video for the song even now and read the message it feels like im the one reading it for the one who have become a part of my life before..
    Maybe because we share the same sentiments..
    I lost my world 4 years now this coming Dec 27 we were about to get married but then god maybe has better plans for him thus he had to left me..
    Until now i cant find ways to let go..
    How to be happy again.Im smiling but then i couldnt smile like the way i used to do when he was still around... Maybe what im feeling was natural i guess whoever comes to my position would do the same thing, You know the feeling when you have already planned everything with him, that you have already settled your mind that you will have each other for the rest of your life, the thought that you will grow old and watch over your grandchildren together and then all of a sudden just a blink of an eye everything was gone..
    after 7 years of being together when i finally decided to answer the question he has been asking me since our 1st year anniversary we finally decided to be married Dec 27, 2006.. but then again before that day he was taken away from me.. just 4 days before we unite our world in the face of the almighty creator he was taken away from me.. i have a lot of questions back then.. i was even offering myself to replace him ion that coffin... but then again a realization came through that if he was on my position he might have asked the same thing and it would be pointless to ask that..

  35. tsk... its like that you've touched my heart's heart..

  36. sobrang naiyak ako sa mga nabasa ko ngayon. malungkot din ako eh. naligaw ako sa blog mo. walang magawa kaya pinili kong basahin lahat. parang mali na tamang basahin to. sariwa pa kasi ang sakit na naranasan ko at itong posts mo ang naglabas lahat ng pinipilit kong itago sa madla. inaamin ko na talaga sa sarili kong may kahinaan ako.naging tulong ito para maka-realize ako ng mga bagay na dapat kong bigyang halaga. ipagpapasalamat ko nalang na nagawa kong maranasan ang mabuhay. masasabi kong naexperience ko ang "mabuhay".

  37. i am in a relationship now with someone whose wife died 3 years ago. hard for he has failed to see that life is still beautiful, he is still 26. i am doing my best to make him see that through my love for him. but i am failing miserably :'(

  38. hi wyteheart, thanks sa video mo, lam mo bang sobrang naiyak ako sa letter mo, sumabay pa sa pain that na nararamdaman ko. Kala ko kasi forever na kami kaya confident akong di kami magkakahiwalay, but now i failed may iba na syang mahal ngayon,masaya na sya, and me, broken,devastating. I don't know kung kelan ko matatanggap na wala na kami. Till now my tears keeps on falling. Dami lang kasing masasayang memories na di ko alam kung maranasan ko pa. Lahat ng katangiang hiniling ko kay God nasa kanya na pero sadya lng na were not meant to be. Malaking kasalanan din kasi ang mahalin sya!!Thanks kasi naibuhos ko lahat ng sakit tru your videos and poem

  39. aww. :( i know this was posted long time ago.. but i still cant imagine having this kind of situation in my life .. im sick too but i didnt let anyone know about it :) i dont want anybody to know more about me .. :p


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