One Last Time

4:09:00 PM
Remember when i asked you,
"When is this supposed to last?"
you said, "Forever"...
I believed you then...
I still believe you now.

I have given you my heart
My scared and broken heart.
It is yours to keep.
Coz I have fallen hopelessly and undeniably inlove with you.

"I am alive, To love you!"

Thought our love is strong to stand the test of time.
But as days goes by
- together with the rainbow-colored sky -
slowly, it's now fading away...

I'm no longer welcome in your presence.
I'm afraid to stare at you now,
coz i don't want you to see me
holding back my tears...
I can't even dare to speak a word,
coz you might hear the hurt in my voice.

I cannot express how i truly feel
in fear of tears that fall so easily.
But as long as you're still here with me,
This heart of mine will never let go.

I want you to know what truly love is.
A genuine love...
Bear no pain...
Feel no hurt...
and with love,
I want you to be the best person you can be...
Even without me...

I knew i would love you
right from the very start.
But i just didn't know
I could love anybody this much.

With all my heart and soul,
I'm so willing to sacrifice myself...
- surrender my own happiness -
just to see you happy.

One Last Time...

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  1. "i'm will to sacrifice myself,
    -surrender my own happiness-
    just to see you happy.."

    wow..! if a guy will tell me that, ill surely cry out loud..!!
    sooo touch..very much,=,(
    nice blog, i admire u alot...

  2. amazing the way you express whats in your soul...i do believe your a man who lives in the past....

  3. Baka mamatay na ako sa tuwa at galak nito...hihihihi...Ang galing mo talaga magsulat...Tagos sa kalamnan este laman pala...Ingatan mo ang sarili mo palagi...Malayo pa naman ako, di kita kayang bantayan...Di mo pa sinasabi sa akin kung san mo to kinokopya ang mga entries mo, JOKE! Kahit sabihin mo pang di uso dyan sa inyo, wag mong kaligtaan kumain sa ng agahan!!! That's an order!

  4. ang gaganda
    po ng blog moh kuya!!

    thanks 4 being
    an insprtion
    sa marami!!..
    hope bisitahin
    mu din po blog Q!!
    and pls..
    leave me a comment^^


    wait ko po!!

  5. tnx sa comment u poh sa blog ko..
    i appreciate it alot!!
    xemps galing sa idol ko..

    salamat! mula sa aking puso..

    i follow ur blog too..
    and ur 1 who inspired me tlaga..

    -ms. vhyne..

  6. "thanks po for d comment"
    you dont have an idea,
    how much
    i admire ur workzz..

    kip it up kuya!!!

    gudluck sa luvlyf^^


  7. u are so amazing did u love like ur descriving from all the videos uv done dont know wat to say ..dont be sad lahat ng nangyayari me rason lahat ng nwawala me kplit diko cnv na kilutn mo kng cnu ung pngaalayan mo ng mga gngwa mo but dadating ung time mgging ok din lahat lahat ng mga gnggwa mo sobrang gling

  8. i always cry wenever i visit ur blog..its just,i felt wats inside of u..i really love listening and watching those videos u made in youtube..specially "even now"..

    maybe ur strong,but emotionally not..
    just hold on..u'll see..dat pain will make u stronger..

    tnx for letting us visit ur blog..:D

  9. Wyte its been awhile,i missed you,i missed your site.You never fail to leave me speechless whenever i read your works.

    Your really are a poetry in motion, a breath of fresh air that brought new meaning and hope to people around you. A kindred spirit who understand pain for you have experienced it too, and yet who exuded the grace and strength of a thousand angels. Your radiance and zest for life was equaled only by the strength of your faith in God. Your charm and belief in the goodness of love made me pause and think a while.The way you embraced pain as part of growing was indeed admirable Wyte. You have learned to take the tears in stride,to learn from the experience, to understand when reason escaped you. It has been a long time since I have met someone like you,someone who believed in love in its purest form.

    I have witnessed your journey to love and life from a distance.And I think that you are one of the few people in this world who deserves the best that life has to offer just for being a good soul. Just hang on my friend, continue loving and be happy always.

    *** pwede bang next entry mo dedicated sa no.1 at ever loyal Fan mo (ME)!!hahaha!(just kidding )***


  10. friend..muzta na..rhap here!.. etoh actually yung personal blog koh. heheh.. diko na naayos eh.hehehehe

    muzta na.. palink naman ng page koh. hehehehe... gala ulit tayo one time. hehehehe

  11. haizt..

    hope mkgawa din ako ng srili kong blog..


    ang gling moh..
    i really admire you..
    ur so talented..

    keep it up..

    got friendster??
    can i have it?

  12. miss na kita. ym mo naman me - ate cel

  13. hey wyteheart.. ang gganda ng blog post mo.. ur so creative.. tagos tlga.. i dont know if i share the same feelings like you pero un ngyari sakin is much more serious,, hope to hear from you soon..

  14. Heey!
    Love your blog <3
    Did you write all this poems?

  15. you know i really like your work.... i love it...i can feel da pain...
    do u have frndster? i wnt to b ur frwnd pakki add naman me


  16. ur a simpLe guy
    w/ a great HEART
    i riLy admire u :))

  17. galing mo po kua..
    pinaiyak mo q superr. :c

    natamaan aq dun.

    nasasabi mo kc ung
    pakiramdam q xnsabi sakn
    nung taong mhal ko..

    nakakainspire ang gwa mopo..
    i hope sana maging happy kapo..
    sa lyf mo..

    kip it up kua.
    ingats plage..
    thank u po.. ^_^

  18. i love your works. :)
    keep it up kua. :X


  19. first line pa lang naiyak nku.. wow!.. it's hard to find a guy like u... well, hopefully i can find a guy like you, that will love me until i die...

  20. gosshhh...alam mo kuya last year pa ako nagvi-visite sa site mo....first i saw you at youtube...the sad love story po ang tittle...know what naiyak din ako..ang hirap pala ng pinagdaanan mo.

    Alam mo makakahanap ka din ng taong para sayo."at meron ka ng angel na magbabantay at nagmamahal sayo kaht hnde mo na sya nakikita.

    ingat ka lage.....

  21. Naiiyak ako sa Mga Gawa mo Ganda Kase Nakaka TOUCH :( Huhuhu

  22. when i saw 1 of ur slideshow i was about to cry...i remember everything that i went through...all this time my heart is full of pain...and as the slide show goes on little by little my heart was crushed into pieces...forgiving that person who hurt me so much is easy but forgetting all the things that person caused me was really hard...i dont fingers brought me to your site...i was just amazed that someone like you can really leave so much impact to others through your piece...and i haveto admit that im one of them...nkarelate ako and it so happen n tinamaan aq dun...hope to visit your blog again...thanks and God bless...

  23. its my first time to read your blog my god your're so amazing..i like what you did..i felt the same way too but,love.. hurt..bitterness..and to move help us a lot!!! i really love it..thanks..

  24. hi, i was impressed.
    i am so speechless, i want to know u.
    ahm, you proved me how great love is, again and again..

  25. agi lang ko diri kay gimingaw nako ani na blog

  26. as is see your blog,i also felt the pain..i know you really love her..

    and surely you will touch the heart of those who will see your blog..

    ang galing!!!

  27. galign nmn!..grabe nakaktouch!> talaga ang galing ,,na.amaze ako sa mga gawa mong mga tula..lahat ng linya may kahulugan sana ganyan din ako..heheheh,,sana lng,,pero thnx Kuya wyteheart!!!!!!God bLess sau!!lyf must go on!..

  28. hi naligaw lng ako site mo, it seems that you had a hard time moving on.,siguro mahal mo nga un girl how lucky she was.. lam mu tama un mga ngcocoment sau galing mo mgexpress ng thoughts,,.grabe soothing inside,,nka2inspire ka despite n parang super nsa2ktan ka parin up to now.,,then for me just dont stop doing what you think is right gudluck,,save your hear.,.,
    and I'll do mine

  29. Hi becks..You really had a great blog! It touches the heart of every reader! A good way to express your love and pains. I really love it!

  30. im so depressed ryt now..
    after my break up with my first b.f.,its really painful..

    the last time i saw him,its really hard to fake a smile and pretend that i am happy without him...

    but deep heart is crying..and i cant help it...

    now he is far away,i know he forgot me,,,

    and thats what hurts the most...

    he just taken me for granted..
    i gave my all to him...
    everytime i think of him, i feel so bad for myself...

    i cant help but cry in my room when i think about his promises..

    promises that mend to be broken..

  31. wow you are so talented. where are those thoughts coming from? anyway, keep going, write more inspiring thoughts...i admire you a lot..Godbless!!!!

  32. -wyte slamat??? sa blOg mo ang daming naka2 reLate??>><<

  33. Oh!! Ya It seems so beautiful.. Ms. Whyne .. but ... I wouldn't like never that someone surrenders his own happiness for me at all... I think that the both must be happy...

  34. ---i can only learn to love another if the day comes ill reliaze we are totally over --

    _cleo hashlyne ..

  35. wyteheart... ur poems moved me... it's as if everything i've been through, u've been there first... my heart is screaming for someone, someone i really loved... but... i think he doesn't love me anymore as much as i loved him... he changed... and the change made me realize he doesn't really care for me at all... whenever i think of him, my heart beats faster than it should normally... i feel like i'm having a heart attack... (hehehe). but it's true... really... hope i can get a reply. :) take care.

  36. bhie sana mabasa mo ang "one last time"..

  37. i love ur videos,ur so amazing..ndi ko inexpect na may guy pa palang'iinlove kami sa mga ginawa mo (vidoes,poems,quotes,and letters) . aabangan namin ung susunod mo pang gagawin .we'll keep in touch. :)

    If u don't mind;
    Hu's dat girl? what happened to her?

  38. ..i was so impress with your helps me a lot to understand now why sometimes we have to let go to the one we love...

  39. .. keep it up...two thumbs up ako sau..

  40. Ang galing mo kuya.. ^_^ Impeccable! ^^

  41. i do like your thoughts, na feel ko yung sadness and broken heart..i really really like it! make more that makes me inspire.

  42. i really like your blog..nakaka-touched sobra! i felt the sadness and the brokenheartfelt.

  43. "im so willing to sacrifice myself, surrender my own happiness, just to see you happy"

    *this rings true for everyone who have loved someone. goodbyes are inevitable. di ba? when i decided to let go of someone, i knew the time will come when he'll find someone new. i was moving on okay...well i thought i was..until a friend said that he's dating someone new. i couldn't believe it..and it broke me. but the most painful of it was when he admitted it to me via email. wala akong masabi kundi, masaya ako para sa kanya..
    biggest lie of all.
    until now, di ako makapaniwala na nasabi ko yan..oh well, too late for that now..

    ps naiyak ako sa blog mo, todo reminisce tuloy ako...


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