3:25:00 PM
This has been a cycle right from the start
where every single turn
is like a stab in my heart...
I see you, and for some reason i know
this really is worth fighting for...

For years, I've allowed myself to fall
for a long time i did it all
holding on to a hope that you will reach for my hand
and together we'll face the world
who wouldn't understand...

When there's no one else around to see
and we're both scared of what might be
I would look at myself and wonder
if i didn't love you,
would everything be better?

Can i let this go?
When the only sound i hear
is the beating of our hearts
and with your every touch
true happiness starts.

All i want is to be true
and face the truth
that no matter what i do,
I really LOVE YOU!

I tried to fight it, but I'd rather give in
through all this hurt...
wondering what could have been?
When I'd wish i could tiptoe
out of this hiding and pretending
and finally put an end to this endless waiting.

See I've lost myself in this love
when I've tried walking away but i can't
when I've done everything i could, loving you..
when I've chosen what i want and need
but wondering where this will lead...

I let rivers of tears fall from my eyes
cried over everything, the truth and lies
when I wipe away the tears off my face
and embrace these feelings I cant erase
I hope to God that one day
in true love you'll see
and that someday,


you'll choose to be with me...


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11:10:00 AM
Do i really Love you?
Yes! With all my heart...
this heart of mine reflects who i am,
it shows my entire soul,
it has a unique beat,
and it beats only for you...

I don't have anything,
Time is all that i can give you
my time is my life
and whenever i give it to you
i am making a sacrifice
Cause I'm giving you a portion of life
that i can never get back...

Are you the best one for me?
Yes... No... Maybe... Dunno...
you may not be the best one for me,
but you're the most important person in my life...
And it's not how much i love you that counts,
it's how happy you are,
while i was there loving you...

Those simple words
Words that i can only whisper in my dreams
Cause you're gone now,
in a place where several angels gather
you're so far away from me...
My love,
If only i can be with you there...

If my tears can show you to me,
I'm willing to cry a million tears
but I've been crying for a very long time...
And this scar in my heart is a reminder
that our love was real...
An ordinary love that I'll always remember...

The art of letting go is so hard for me to start
and the step to moving on is so difficult for me to take
Guess it's because of this simple reason...

My love,
I've never been so lost as I am now
without you...
Loving you is what my life's all about...

I've been preparing myself all my life for you...
And now I'm just so afraid...
I'm afraid to be alone....

If i ever see you in my dreams tonight
I'm gonna ask you to save me... heal me...
and help me string all events in my life into place,
cause i merely want this to end...

and put this heartache to rest...



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