is it time to make a change???

9:31:00 AM
Pictures were sent to me via email...
from my BORDZ.. hehe *winx* (^_~)

I was so touched...
so im putting it here to inspire you guyz too...

Dont just look at this as plain-ordinary pictures...
try to open your heart, and make a difference...

Observe around you and be thankful for all that you have in this transitory lifetime...

Don't forget to be kind to strangers.
For some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it.

Anyone who has ever struggled with poverty
knows how extremely expensive it is to be poor.

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

Let us complain less, and give more...

Some people are struggling over 5-10 years or more
just to be able to spell their names.

Some of you may think that this isn't a part of my blog 'n all..
I just wanna be part of the cycle, of the solution,
in my own simple-little-ordinary way...

So now, its time to do your part...
close your eyes to see the hidden reality of life...
and ask yourself...

When are you going to make a change???

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  1. .. omg. kawawa nmn. :'[ i want to help them.

  2. please send it to my email.. .
    gusto ko sana silang ifeature sa isang devotion.. .
    this would be a big help for us.. .
    tnx in advance.. . .
    tnx ha.. .
    alam mo moving on is no really easy.. .
    you just have to give ur self a chance.. .
    smile once in a while.. .
    at ito lang ang lagi ko n sinasabi sa mga friend ko, "kung kayo talaga, kaghiwalay man kayo, your roads will meet again at pag narealize nyo n ung mga pagkakamali nyo at pa rin yung isa't-isa. GO ON,TAKE ONE ROAD"
    hope this message help u a little.. .tnx..

  3. pls try to send this to my you so mch in one of ur avid fans in youtube...yah its hurt but we have to move on.."goodluck wyteheart"..

  4. please send it to my email too! thanks&GodBless!!!

  5. tol pa grab ng photo lalagay ko sa friendster ko.... thnx

  6. can you pls send his on my e-mail too tnx in advance
    wish you'll get over these soon cause i know it is never easy moving on but we just have to deal with i am very interested and touched by your blogs

  7. hi.. can i have this post i love it.. i hope you may send it to me.. thanks.. carmi

  8. NICE! I like it. T_T
    pls send this to my email..
    thank you..
    God bless...


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