A very special day...

2:11:00 PM
From the bottom of my heart..
Thank you so much for all of this...

Thank you for making me feel how sweet love can be,
the second time around....

Thank you for coming back,
and for saving me once again...

I know you probably wonder from time to time what you mean to me.
I just wanna let you know that you matter more to me than you can imagine, and much more than i'll ever be able to explain...

What I have found in you is what every
person in the world is searching for...

You are my life...
I'm useless without you...

I Love You so much!!!

And i will always do everything i can,

to understand....

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  1. wow ganda talag ng site. sobrang nakakarelate ako. msarap magmahal mahirap masaktan. ksama lahat yan pag nagmahal ka. dapat piliin kung cnu ung nararapat na mahalin.

  2. wow.. ang sweet mo talaga wyte..

    hope to find someone like you in this world.

    take care always!

  3. "when you love someone say it right there outloud! or the moment just passes you by.."

    -my most favorite line from the movie my bestfriends wedding..

    Letting go is the hardest thing to do, but its even harder to let her go without makin her realized how much she means to you...

    and its not too late for that,
    if you truly love that person,
    make her realized how important she is to you...

    Let her know and make her feel that she means a lot to you...

    Love is not just about letting go, or holding on..or understanding,
    its also about making her realize that -you love her, and make her feel what she means to you..

    go, and let her know what she should know!!!


  4. ... we may don't have control with our emotions and the cruelty of our thoughts YET we have our control to take the right decision.. to do the right thing I'm happy 4u.. and I'm happy I eventually understand.....tnx!=) hehehe

  5. wow sweet u r wyte kakakilig k tlg san pa ba makakahanap ng tulad mo???ituro mo nga sakin at pupuntahan q baka maubusan aq eh.hahahaha kidding. keep up the good work wyte.pag brokenhearted k ulit lapit ka lang skin ha?joke take care mwuah

  6. ang sweet mo talaga...idol na kita.. keep it up

  7. the day she came back to you is the day an odd thing happened to me. my girlfriend left me that day... it hurts me so much... good for you that your love came back to you... unfortunate for me, my girlfriend leave me and stayed with someone else she only knew recently...

  8. the day she came back to you is the day an odd thing happened to me. my girlfriend left me that day... it hurts me so much... good for you that your love came back to you... unfortunate for me, my girlfriend leave me and stayed with someone else she only knew recently...

  9. ...hmmm, your blog really inspired me alot, meron p plang lalaking sensitive gaya mo....
    can i ask you something...
    "where can i find someone like you??"..(laughs)
    just kidding.. but honestly... you're really awesome..!!! keep it up.....

  10. OMG un lng masasabi ko..wyteheart sobrang hanga ako sa talent u..alam u lahat ng mga naisulat u nakakarelate ako talga..keep it up buddy..and good bless always..i really want u to be firend tlga napaka interesting ng life u..if u have fs can u pls add me up..endless_love050187@yahoo.com hope na mging frined kita sa friendster...

  11. ..everything is temporary.... nothing is constant... i learned it from your blog..take care!

  12. I am also the one who has the feeling like you, I am married nearly 10 yrs,but I still cannot forget him. We are both from different country but we met each other in UK. I think I can forget him after I get married but it is not. In these past few years, I try to find him but I cannot find him until just in the beginning of this month I have got his message from one web. I was shocked and very happy. He has a happy family with children, like me .
    Every time when I prey to God, I want him to be happy and every time before I sleep, I hope to meet him in my dream. I still love him so much, I keep crying these few days and I feel guilty for my husband and his wife. Definitely, we cannot be together but at least , I am happy that he still love me. Should I continue our contact only through mail. I miss him so much.

    sad woman

  13. nice one.. sobrang same situation tayo at this point.. hehe.. the only difference is, you've already proven that "Love is sweeter the second time around.." BTW, anong title nung BG music n2ng site mo.. i really like to have this one, very emo haha.. anywayz take care always..

  14. http://kaye-ar.blogspot.comSaturday, March 28, 2009 3:08:00 PM

    kaya tau iniiwan ng taong mahal natin.. kasi may dadating pa na mas magmamahal satin na di tayo kayang iwan... someday pag nahanap mo xa... i would be happy for you.. ngayon pa lang sinasabi ko sau... ang swerte ng mamahalin mo.. :)

  15. considerations to make:
    1. what is her ultimate reason why she left you?
    2. how far have u done in order to make the relationship stay? is it enough already for u? kulang pa....
    3. have u loved urself before making her as ur girl? kasi pag di mo mahal sarili mo gaya ng pagmamahal mu sa kanya... wala kang karapatang magmahal ng ganyan at masaktan ng ganyan....
    4. nag expect ka ba na xa na talaga?... kaya ka nasasaktan ng ganyan kasi u expect too much...

    well whoever you are mr. wyte... the world is a very big theater stage... and all the creatures here are the actors and actresses... what happened to you is in God's script...He wants you to play that role because he knew u can portray it... di ka nya bibigyan ng ganyang experience kung di mu kaya...ur a good actor... i know...malay mo... sa susunod na eksena iba na takbo ng role mu... life is not about having a good relationship or the number of times your happy... its on how many times u stood up and say "I've learned"....

    i don't know u but i also experienced that.... be happy and thankful for experiencing those pains... at the end of the day... it pays!

  16. november 16?? hmmm... thats a date i could not forget either... its our day with my FIRST LOVE... he was my very first boyfriend.. we shared our love for almost 2 years. it was ideal. i thought we would last but unfortunately he fell out of love... well, i guess its just the way things are... life must go on..

    * hope your hapee now... thanks for the good poems and slideshows u make. keep seyp. :) wish yuu well.

  17. hmm after reading ur blogs ....i think i hv started loving him more den before.....bt if ur love story remains uncomplete due to sm reasons.....bt its really fortune dat both staying far also loves each other bt wht if after smdays spending together....d person turns his life, leaves ur hand n didnt let u knw dat wht was d reason of leaving n after asking him hundreds of times he says dat he never loved u......whtever he did his part n nw its my part to love him with my whole heart.....keep writing which inspires me to love him more deeply although he is nt with me ....thanks a lot....


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