11:10:00 AM
Do i really Love you?
Yes! With all my heart...
this heart of mine reflects who i am,
it shows my entire soul,
it has a unique beat,
and it beats only for you...

I don't have anything,
Time is all that i can give you
my time is my life
and whenever i give it to you
i am making a sacrifice
Cause I'm giving you a portion of life
that i can never get back...

Are you the best one for me?
Yes... No... Maybe... Dunno...
you may not be the best one for me,
but you're the most important person in my life...
And it's not how much i love you that counts,
it's how happy you are,
while i was there loving you...

Those simple words
Words that i can only whisper in my dreams
Cause you're gone now,
in a place where several angels gather
you're so far away from me...
My love,
If only i can be with you there...

If my tears can show you to me,
I'm willing to cry a million tears
but I've been crying for a very long time...
And this scar in my heart is a reminder
that our love was real...
An ordinary love that I'll always remember...

The art of letting go is so hard for me to start
and the step to moving on is so difficult for me to take
Guess it's because of this simple reason...

My love,
I've never been so lost as I am now
without you...
Loving you is what my life's all about...

I've been preparing myself all my life for you...
And now I'm just so afraid...
I'm afraid to be alone....

If i ever see you in my dreams tonight
I'm gonna ask you to save me... heal me...
and help me string all events in my life into place,
cause i merely want this to end...

and put this heartache to rest...


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  1. best blog
    i've ever read
    nice works again
    deep words
    touching lines
    keep expressing dudez
    kipsafe man


  2. "If my tears can show you to me...
    I'm willing to cry a million tears."

    aaaawww...another bull's eye heartbreaking line there wyteheart.

  3. elow wyteheart,im so much amaze with your quotes,,just wanna share my stories so that hopefully youll write about it..

  4. elow wyteheart,hope ul write quotes bout my stories,i dont know if ur the loneliest guy on earth, were da same=(

  5. elow wyteheart, i really can relate with your quotes..

  6. You Got me here.
    Very touching one.
    Keep writing.
    God Bless.

  7. ... i know the feeling... still not over it...

  8. a friend of mine shared you last love letter...
    it made me cry...
    iv decided to read your blogs
    ....can't forget the blog you've written last june....

  9. same situation and my bf,we're together for 4years and 5months..everything was settled..kulang nlng marriage..but..god's will is to take him from me..actually i wrote something..but i don't have d courage to read it,i dunno why..its been 3months..he's gone..stil cant let go, and i don't wanna let still hurts..still can't imagine that he's gone..i cry myself to sleep..i think ur the one whom i can share my grieving experiences..the one who will understand wat im feeling ryt now..

  10. Oh my.. this is so nice... you're very good in expressing your thoughts.. the one you love will be the luckiest person on earth.. good luck to you my friend, yes you know me.. but i rather leave a comment anonymously.. take care and ill talk you soon... God Bless!

  11. I,ve read everything that you had on your blog and I must say hallo to you and write something.What Ihave read on this blog let me sooo tuched,I can't tell how much.I'm so sorry for your situacion if this really happend to you.It's really sad:(But if I understude right,you have now someone who made you free finelly :) So I wish you all the happiness in this world.Person like you really deserve that.You are one of people who are not many in this world.I really hope that you have now a happyer period of your life and I wishing you luck and prear for you:)

  12. Wow. Can i ddc8 Ur poem to my gf, i mean acctually she dont want me anymore(thats why 4 me she's already, but i do still love her. But she told me dat she dont love me anymore. Huhuhu. Btw my gf always read ur blogs. Ur one of her fav. I remember dat she shares a 'lil thing about and to wat happen to ur gf. :'(..
    To my honey f u reading des ryt now please come to me.

  13. it's been a while wyte...

    nothing's changed... you're the best!

  14. oh, tears on my keyboard, thanks wyte for the approve of my comments, sana mabasa yan ng XGF ko... follower mo din kasi sya, heheheheh.. To my Honey, Please Comeback to me... please!!!

  15. another sad blog but still a nice one... i hope the next time that you'll write again eh masaya ka na... godbless..

  16. your blog saves me...


  17. wyte its been a long time ang here you are again leaving every reader speechless and awed. You really are beautiful soul.

    my dear wyte it has been proven time and again,that the hardest people to forget are the people we love. Deep in your heart, you’re still wishing for you to be with her once more. These thoughts keep you connected to your her. Unless you are able to find a way to detach yourself from your wishful thoughts then it will be very difficult to move on. =(
    Only when we don’t love them anymore which takes time can we truly move on and explore the possibility of finding love again in the arms of someone else.This healing should begin in your heart. Acceptance is the first step to recovery wyte. Once you have learn to understand that this is where it ends then it is the only time when you will learn how to move on with life without having to stop every time you are reminded of the bitterness of the past.

    God's ways aren't always easy and painless wyte. Some are meant to open our eyes to what we do not see. Some are meant to make us realize what we stubbornly refuse to understand. But all of them will always be meant to make us stronger and better persons. We just have to trust Him on that.

    We are here for you wyte, you are always in my prayers.
    Be safe please.


  18. :)Yes,we're very far,it's a pity,it will be nice to be friends with you.But even so with our blogs we can comunicate,that's the good thing;)I'm happy that you've wrote me and there's nothing to thanks for cause you deserve that what I've wrote.BEST WISHIS!:)

  19. this blog of yours has been the "talk of the group". so i was kinda curious about what really is in your site that made my friends amazed. I've been reading a lot of blogs for quite a while, and this is the first time i'll be leaving a comment. Simply because i believe your blog deserves such appreciation. Your writings moved me. So unexpected! =)
    thanks for sharing all these with us.

    Sam here. =)

  20. you r really good, u make me cry again, im so touch with your words...and its also happening to me...:(

  21. from the bottom of my heart.. thank you so much for the inspiration...


  22. Bakit tinganggap mo nalang ng walang pag-aalinlangan ng hiniwalayan kita?

    Bakit di mo man lang ako ipinaglaban?

    Alam kong nasaktan kita sa ginawa ko, pero bat wala kang ring ginawa?

    Pinakawalan kita kasi nararamdaman ko na di ka na masaya at ayaw kong maging miserable ang buhay ng taong pinakamamahal ko, na higit pa sa aking sarili.

    Di mo alam kung gaano ko hinangad na kumapit ka ng mahigpit kahit binitawan na kita.


  23. hi friend.. akalain mong marunong ka pala nito... hehe. parang hindi ikaw to ah, san na pagka-Joker mo? tsk tsk.. hehe

    im so proud of you! We're just here always... u


  24. I just reading blog, never leave a comment... but you make me concern about you, about what gonna happen next to you... your words really touch ..not only me...i know, every one in this group your blog and care about you some how. I keep checking your blog every week...hope reading some thing new from you! Anyway, wish you all the best. God bless you and your love.

  25. your poem is breaking my heart, because I know how it feels, trying to bury the love that refuses to die.

  26. Makabagbag damdamin ang background music at ang iyong mga katha kaibigan!! I'm blown away...

  27. ur april lines....
    you just hit what im tying to express for almost two years now...words that im trying to shout...lines that i want to keep the rest of my life....
    still lost
    still recovering
    when my time ends this is the exact words that i will recite when my eyes close...

  28. you know i was crying while reading it..i can feel the pain and heartaches,every line...every relationship has an end,its up to us if we fight for it or just let go,with broken heart..sometimes even if you tried everything still its not enough..and sometimes we just pray and hope..

  29. thanks i really love it..coz this the one i feel for my someone special to me even i really dont know if he have feelings to me..this how exactly how i feel for really touch and so romantic..

  30. cheer up wyteheart:)im new here, wen i saw ur post na touch ako.we hav the same situation.

  31. touch...deep warming lines...i alwys see to it i hear the music every once in a while it very relaxing...i love all your quotes,lines,phrases it seems it was all for me....thnks you make us pinoy realy very proud...keep up the good work...until your nxt waiting...

  32. I just fall over your blog by looking at your video on youtube with I love you goodbye and well...I get courius and thought to take a step over here to see who you are.
    I read some of your texts and they all make my cry for a while now.

    You realy seem so kindhearted to me.
    I prey the one you love will love you back someday.
    Best wishes and good look

  33. sana matagal lahat ng pain at ang pumalit ay happiness para sayo dahil u deserve it because you have a gold heart to love again

  34. , every lines..all the things ive it..a person full of thoughts that tacked carefully in secluded corner of ur heart..takecre!!!add u in facebook!!thanks,,

  35. Hey... I don't know who you are.. but I really wish... to come back to my Love... because I always love him... I can feel what you feel.. He said me today that he had got over me.. and I'm miserable now... I don't know.. what I have to do.. I just say that I wish he was here now...I'm in shock now...God bless us!!!

  36. Truly amazing blog!

    I hate to not know why she just moved on, while I was standing on the road with tears in my eyes. The last I heard from her was - He has all that I want, so thank you Henry for your love and care.

    It's hurts to know, each new day still brings back the old memories of us being together.

    Love is not always true, is it?

  37. i really adore ur writings.. the way u express ur deep wordz.. 8 hit me.. u really had 8!.. a gr8 skill

  38. i really adore ur writings.. the way u express ur deep wordz.. 8 hit me.. u really had 8!.. a gr8 skill

  39. i really love all your love quotes it touches me from deep in all are true

  40. Very touching,so sad, thank you for sharing your pain... wish you all the best... God Bless you...!!!

  41. First of all is hi.. jejeje

    im so touch, all line is perfect, confuse lang ako, all your post is about love and broken love.
    tsk! tsk! tsk! it doesn't mean your brokenhearted right? yet, you feel the same?

  42. just read ur blog now and i didnt sleep just to read confused with this part,ung sa one last time..this is for???your first lav?and just want to say you also inspire others....ajah!!

  43. :(( 2011 na ngayon saka ko palang to nabasa lahat.. :( sobrang nkakaiyak. siguro naman ngayon nkahanap ka na ng magpapasaya sayo. ramdam tlaga ung sakit sa mga gawa mo. :(

  44. Fantastic goods from you, man. I have understand your stuff previous to and you are just too excellent. I really like what you have acquired here, really like what you’re saying and the way in which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still care for to keep it wise. I cant wait to read much more from you. This is really a great site.

  45. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. through all the tears that fall from my eyes i know i am not alone.

  46. I salute you, Man! Nice work of art=)

  47. ask ko lang po...til now is wyte heart still existing ?
    did you already found the right person for you ?
    I'm just curious..


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