Sad thoughts of letting go...

3:03:00 PM

i never hated you for not loving me,
but i hate you for making me fall even more when im trying to let you go...

I still love you, and i probably will love you for a very long time..

Maybe fate will smile upon us, and we'll see each other again..


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  1. I love this post... not just the video but also the words... i really got head shot on this... :D pls add my link.. and i'll add you up to as one of my peers..

  2. alm mo i can't expect that i can read like this grbe prehong preho at sbay n sby sa buhay ko .. parang pinaparinggan mo ako .. ng nbsa ko to .. gsto ko sna mag thank you sau ksi gnsing mo ang utak at puso ko .. thank you .. add mo nmn ako gsto ko ksi mkpg usap sau .. yan ang y. m ko... eto naman friendster ko .. just wanna tok with you .. God bless ..

  3. for the brokenhearted like me..i rili like diz..en hoping to find again that guy i rili luv from d very start..were almost 3yirz and we've shared goodthings from each other..until one day he told me that its over..that time my world stop and my tears are starting to fall..what u've said on your video is like my ex'boyfriend told me before while his holding my hand..and that's true we have the same story but he's the the one who leave was 5months ago since we broke up..but until now i cant move on coz coz i still love him..and until now im still single and still waiting that someday he'll back!!..hope u beep me back or email me at take care en kip'safe..

  4. i share a similar story wid my friend anonymous..i am waiting for him and will always luv him till my last breath..he is my first love and will never b able 2 forget him..
    luv u sweetheart and miss u..
    plz come back 2 me

  5. Some things are not meant to be kept forever....

    You know you have to stop and let go when things aren't going right, and everything you did is unappreciated...

    Remember: It is wiser to be alone but happy...
    than with somebody who do nothing while you do everything...

    = sang_ksatria013 =

  6. i rili like your post..naka2relate ginawa ng bf ko grabeh..hahah ansakit tlg.pero until now mahal na mahal ko parin sya.ndi ko alm kung bakit...add mo nmn ko and plz give some piece of you!

  7. hey can I borrow your words?? sentences?? wow this is how I really feels.. grbe! letting go.. ouch :( let me use it to my fb..

  8. "i never hated you for not loving me, but i hate you for making me fall ever more when I'm trying to let YOU go"

    I like this line you posted in the song...
    i fell the same thing...

    what ever my friends try to give me their piece of advice to accept the thought that his gone for go, i cant help my self but do the other thing they want me to do..

    its hard to accept the last piece of text he send to me during the night of his 22nd birthday
    "Accept it that we are not meant to be" ouch it hurts so much.. after a week from his birthday, suddenly i receive a text message that his gone..

    now i finally get the real message
    of his last text.

    were not really meant to be, because his ,meant to be in GOD'S hands..


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