My love letter (video)

3:35:00 PM

If You Love Someone,
Tell Them Because Hearts Are Often Broken
by Words Left Unspoken.

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  1. hi.. i love the video....same lang din tayo ng situation and naka relate talaga ako, actually halos same nga ung letter natin e...

  2. hi wyte...vry nice ang video huh
    hop to m8 u zoon
    mry xmaz wyte.....

  3. ano ba? alm mo this is the site that just made me realize what i truly feel. Ang sakit... i know that im not the only one who is going through this kind of pain.. pero bakit ganito im having a hard time to move on... I tried so hard.. ginawa ko na lahat... sa lahat ng tao sa mundo ako na yata ang pinakabatang tao na nakakaramdam nito ... bakit ganito kaaga? ang bilis ng pangyayari... thank you dito sa site very inspiring thank you

  4. Just an extraordinary video and song. I love, love, loved it. Should be on Billboard. Great voice, great background instrumentation. Great letter, and great lyrics!

  5. ,hi..i love the song especially your message..more power to you..='D


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