And All I Need... is YOU!

11:07:00 AM

Now I try and turn the page
It's you alone that I want
But I never get too far
My love,
this is tearing me apart...


And all I need is someone to fight for me - over me,
And all I want is to feel love surrounding me so tightly,
Grasping me,
Stroking me,
Taking me for that journey.

I don't care if it doesn't last,
I don't mind if it is all just a game,
But I know that's a place that I want to have known,
So take me away,
For as long as you like.

You don't need to know me,
All you need to do is look and you'll see,
I don't try to hide myself from the world,
I just want to fit in,
I just want to be free.

And in the end all I have ever wanted was someone one like you,
And in the end nothing matters anymore it's true,
But I wish you were here to love me,
I wish I knew who you were,
What you looked like,
I wish you were real,
Where ever you are I don't have the strength to come find you,

I am sad and lost in despair,
Come look for me,
Guide me,
I need to know that who ever you are,
That you care.

*hidden Kiss*

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  1. You write so sweetly .. I would gladly be her for you, if you will.
    True, life is but a journey .. but,
    sharing it with someone you love is
    absolutely beautiful. My name is Cristina Marie Arriola from Canada. I am so very touched reading all that you have written on your site. It is so wonderful! I ached and cried reading your words and the thoughts in between the lines. I wished that someone would need me like how you needed her. She is so lucky .. I wish I am too.


  2. bakit mo sasayangin ang pagmamahal na yan? all you need to do is maghanap ka ng mas nararapat sayo yong kaya ka nyang mahalin bilang ikaw kong ano ka at yong kayang nyang higitan yang babaeng minamahal mo. dahil gusto kong patunayan sayo na may magmamahal sayo ng mas tapat at dapat na hindi ka sasatan at papaiyakin. alam mo gagalit ko sa mga babaeng hindi marunong magmahal ng totoo. yong mga babaeng ginagawang game ang pag ibig. gusto kitang maging kaibigan kong ok lang sayo. ito nga pala email add ko

  3. hi wyteheart..ang sad naman ng mga videos muh..hnmn..can we be fwends? ur videos are all very touching and sweet..
    ramdam kuh ung message..haixtt.ang sarap naman ulit ulitin panuuri..i rily like the video of "i love you good bye" and sad thoughts of letting go..ang longkut ng msg. huhu.
    irily want to cry while im viewing ur file..
    just add me up nlhang puh.. tnx so much puh..
    more power.!

  4. Hi! alam mo were same...until now i'm still crying and sana din, d na ko nagpunta d2 sa canada.anyway goodluck syo.God Bless!

  5. .i dont know how to introduce myself but im here all along...thank you for letting my emotions out because of the things you wrote on ur site especially those video u made...kahit papano nailabas ko mga hinanakit ko...thank you so much...

  6. hello....very touching every words that you've written ..especially the last love letter,i cried a lot and it seems it squeeze my heart because i really felt every words and especially the song..may god bless you always and may you find right woman for you...

  7. i do really like it wyte...
    you inspired me a lot!!!

  8. it's really a sad story you have here but so touching it really moves me...every letter you make is full of pain that you felt when you lost your love but i hope you have move on....this letters has been posted in 2008 but i hope you have move on now....thanks for sharing your beautiful and sad letters...


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