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It's hard to wait around for something
you know might not happen...
but it's harder to give up when you know
it's everything you ever wanted.

Two good friends are seemingly communicating by merely looking and listening to each others heart.

Boy: How will i know you feel the same way?

Girl: Come to think of it, how will i show it to you when I'm not free to do it.

Boy: I want to love you back but i don't wanna hurt her. It's about time to move on.

Girl: Yah! I know it's about time to clear this things out.

Boy: What do you mean?

Girl: It's about the insensitivity in you. If you only know how I am willing to fight for this feelings but you're not giving me the reason to do so.

Boy: Am sorry, But please stay...

Girl: Yah! As if i have a choice...

That was sent to me by my friend...
She told me she herself made it for me.


Green Rose for you... Your Favorite!

I am not completely insensitive...
I'm aware about it but i ain't taking it seriously cause you didn't even bother to tell me a single thing to justify all those thoughts.

I was once the reason of your "High School Heartbreak". And now after almost 5 years, you're hurting because of me the second time around. I don't know what to do... what more can i say? just to lessen the pain... I didn't mean to hurt you and i don't want to hurt you...

Knowing the person I now truly love is honestly beyond my control.
And i know you understand...


I'm sorry for not considering your emotions
and for not asking how you exactly feel.
I'm sorry for breaking your heart over and over again.
That would be the last time...
Don't worry, i will do my part..
No calls,
No texts,
No online messages,
No meet - ups...

Just take one step at a time.
Changes must sometimes be made and don't be afraid to make them.

Thank you so much for everything.
For sharing the sunshine and shadows of my days.
I will surely gonna miss you!

I know you'll be back.
Whenever you're ready, just hit me up...
I'll just be waiting here...

And I will always stay the same....

For You!

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  1. wyte one thing i can say,follow ur heart and dont be afraid to take d risk kahit ilang beses ka pang masaktan but at same time ingat ka rin na wala kang masaktan.mas madali ang magmahal kaysa makasakit ng kapwa lalo na ung nagmamahal sau.goodluck

  2. kindly read my message in your friendster account so you'll know why......

    just remember this - " nothing is constant in this world but changes"

    but does it mean also to change or get rid of the true friendship that we've treasured for years.... u don't have to do that to ease the pain=(

    GOD BLESS u always..
    mery xmas..hapy new yr...
    hope ul stay...

  3. love is such a perfect and most wonderful thing in this world.
    love give us hope, strenght,happiness and even life,and also heartaches and pains..
    pain is always part of it,but inspite of that, we still love to feel love in our lives.. who in this world dont want to love and be loved? i say nobody...
    crazy we are to always say..-hurt in the end but we always find ourself loving over and over again without thinking the pain we will go through...
    dont be scared to get hurt, cause love will ease the pain and will surely heal the wounds...
    just be brave to accept the fact that once you love you will get hurt too..its just part of it- a spice!! without it, i think love will be just as simple as love!!!
    so go, let the one you love know how much you love her...dont let time pass you by..
    always have those people who love you around you okay..


  4. I guess I know your friend. Who suffered the "highschool-heartbreak" saga, the one who always love "green" rose. Everything will be okay.

  5. gusto kong basahin mga ginagawa mong letters at quotations

  6. gusto kong basahin mga ginagawa mong letters at quotations

  7. helo!i love reading your blog.its very nice and if you do love that person tell her whatyou've feel for her.who knows she only wait for you too.
    god bless you always.


  8. hi (Wyteheart)u deeply touch and let my eyes dropping thousands of tears for this moment such a very meaning full words u have here,make me crying love reading it<3god always bless you take care!

  9. it really hurt that much. falling in love with my bestfriend is one of the most painful experiences i've had. yet i still continue loving him even though he has put a wall between us. one can never stop someones else's feelings. no matter how you put an end to it.. it will just blossom again and again. the more you keep yourself away from her.. the more she'll fall for you.
    it'll take time.

  10. I can relate to her... am currently in that situation.. fell for my guy friend.. unfortunately, he didn't reciprocate it... And now, he is leaving. Will be miles away from me.. Un feeling na gusto mong makita un taong mahal mo before he leaves pero you can't kasi he is so busy... Never ever fall in love with your friend.. But am happy that I did.. :)


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