I Love You

7:09:00 PM
The very first card i got from a very special person in my life...
you know who you are.... sorry for putting your card here...
oopps! it's "my card" now... hahaha
you have no choice sweetie... *winks*

you have no idea how happy i am..
for the efforts, for the love...
i truly appreciate it...

I will never ever forget this line of yours,
hehe.. that's it!
you just got me there...

YOU honestly turned out to be the love i never knew i wanted...
i want you to take just one moment to look into my eyes,
so you'll see how much I've been loving you all this time...
I'm happily in love with you, and i wanna keep it this way...

i can hurt myself just for you,
i can forget myself just for you,

more than words can say...

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  1. The nicest feeling I've ever known is being in love, its like a patchwork of a thousand indescribable moments and You would know when you're in love when you want to tell everyone about it, even though they haven't asked. =)

    You are truly one hard habit to break Wyte,
    and i thought i would let you know that you have once again inspire a grin on my face, a smile in my eyes and a serenity in my soul just by reading your new entry.You are one sweet appreciative soul, the world needs more of you,,=)

    Wyte they said that in life you will have two loves ..one who will change the way you see yourself and the world and the other puts you back together...after you have lost the first and
    i guess wyte you have found that place into which you fit perfectly, safely, and securely with no doubts, fears, sadness, or tears. That wonderful place, which you never believed will again exist, you have found finally in her arms, in her heart, in her love.It was no accident, you finding her or her finding you.Someone had a hand in it long before you ever knew wyte.She is an answer to a prayer that you barely even got the chance to say,so love her for her intelligence, her sensitivity, her courage.Love her wholly and unconditionally without reservation. Love her enough to take risks. Love her enough to accept your own happiness and use it, in turn, to make her happy back.=)

    celebrate the gift of your love Wyte and lovingly keep discovering how precious that blessing is. =)

  2. nice one anonymous,,,,,

    i was deeply fascinated with your comments to wyte....hehehe....

  3. uy bee...i think i already knew who is this girl you're talking about...hehehe

    your workm8 perhaps?!=)
    or Anony....hehehe

    chika! peace! hehehe=)

    uy buti kpa pa.luvletter luvletter pa kaung nalalaman huh...hehehe yay kilig!=)

  4. advance happy happy 8monthsary to my love(jetro)!!!ILOVEYOU always and forever.. ^.^i'm pretty sure mgttgal tau."The nxtboy i will ever LOVE after u on this Earth will be our SON.."mwaaah!

    it's me cris.


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