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Got a call from my mom. A sad news about a person who's very close to me... my childhood friend. He passed away. I was really shocked. He committed suicide. and the reason behind it? He was badly in love with this girl who doesn't even care about him... Jesus Christ! I couldn’t believe my ears. I can't blame him. Coz I know exactly how it feels to be heartbroken.. A lot of people misunderstood him, calling him "bastard" and a "no-good son". but we, he's friends, knew the kind of person he was inside-out.. He treated us all nicely... He comes out so tough, but like everyone else, He's also dealing with his own shortcomings and flaws. Yeah! He’s such a stubborn kiddo but take it from me, he's one hell of a friend! I felt sad for his mom.. He's a "mama's boy". I’ll definitely gonna pray for her. I know the way he love. Like me and most of my friends, we are willing to give everything up for the person we truly love. it was just sooo sad how strong love can be.. It’s the reason why I was miserable for a long time. And it’s now the reason for the sudden death of my friend.. I still remember a certain line from my friend, He was under the influence of alcohol that time, and He told me this…
"When I love someone, my entire world revolves around that person.. I will give my all, I no longer think about myself anymore. Now I’m just waiting for the right one and I hope she can take all the love that I can give..."
I can feel his sincerity at that very moment.. A drunken lover speaking from the heart. Whoever this girl is, wherever you are... I hope you are happy now!

My mom called me up coz she was sooo worried about me...
Like my friend, I'm thousand miles away from them too...
She was worried coz she knew I’ve been into that love-struggles before, And I just gave her assurance that I will never be in that kind of situation ever again...
I Love You Ma!

My dear friend,
I am actually now in the process of knowing the right one for me, And like you,
I also hope that this person can take all the love that I can wholeheartedly give...

Hope you're happy now wherever you are.
I will never forget you my friend.
May you Rest in Peace!

PS: take care of my beloved up there... I'll miss you both! :'(

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  1. how sad..sorry for that.

    kaya kaw wag kana praning ha! hehehehe...

    be happy!

  2. was nice to come across your page and kinda read those thoughts. so i decided to leave you a comment. doesn't mean a thing, but maybe, you'll know that someone really stopped by and read your blog. well, take care =]

  3. this is a lesson to us that when d time our heart gets broken its not d end of the world.there are hundreds ofreasons for us to live.Love not bcoz d person is d only 1 but bcoz d person is worth fighting for.thanks to you wyte.

  4. hindi ko alam, hindi ko maexplain yung feelings ko everytime na binabasa ko yung mga sinulat mo wala akong masabi kundi hinahangaan kita...

  5. bilib ako sayo..nakakaya mong dalhn lahat ng prob mo,,,keep on doing a poem bacause you make me more stronger to fight for pur love...

  6. i once had lost a friend. he died of cancer. i know how it felt..but their memories will live forever in our hearts.

  7. hindi ko maiwasang umiyak... kc dumating din ako s point n mag suicide dahil sa sobrang sakit...


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